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The holdings document the history of the American circus from its inception in to the present day. It contains a huge collection containing rare photographs, posters, manuscripts and artifacts. With information on some 2, American circuses, and a reference file of over , names of circus performers and employees, it is a prime source of information for enthusiasts and scholars of the circus from all over the world.

Each year the Library staff answers over 2, requests for information from educational institutions, businesses, governmental agencies, and individuals. Among frequent users are genealogists tracing family histories, authors, publishers, and circuses themselves. The library also houses a small collection of materials from Wild West shows and carnivals.

Short North “Circus House” Dating Back to Headed to Sheriff Sale. The famed Circus House, located at the corner of Dennison and.

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There is no consensus about the circus’ dating, as it was built and used for several years before its official dedication. It seems to have been built sometime.

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The artworks on display center on the subject of circus. The MMOMA collection forms a basis of the exhibition, which was enlarged with works courtesy of the collections kept in the major state-run and private Russian museums and organizations e. Tikhomirov et al. All told, the works from more than 30 collections have become part of the exhibition. Some of the works at the MMOMA exhibition are well known to the public; others have never been exhibited before.

There are also works by some of the contemporary artists e. Their works relate to the subject of circus in one way or another. The works are exhibited next to authentic circus props, costume designs, documentary photographs and videos. The circus motives in art are not a mere representation of a subject; they are a peculiar way of looking at the world from a fresh angle, and the outlook ranges from the drama of an individual to an all-encompassing metaphor.

Tragedy shown through the prism of circus art is seen in the paintings of Moisei Feigin, Pavel Chelishchev, and in the photographic series by Sergei Bratkov. The modern visual techniques can convey the spectator to some new lands unexplored by circus art, into the realms of abstract ideas and critical social innuendoes.

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Among the most popular exhibitions at Shelburne Museum are two hand-carved wood circus models. The Arnold Circus Parade was made between and and forms a parade more than feet long. The 4, one-inch-to-one-foot scale figures include clowns, acrobats, animals, and circus wagons, evoking the heyday of the circus era. The Kirk Brothers Circus is a miniature three-ring circus, complete with an audience, comprised of more than 3, pieces. Edgar Kirk fashioned the figures over a period of forty years using only a treadle jigsaw and penknife.

Shelburne Museum also has more than circus posters dating from the s to the s.

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Used for chariot racing , it was modelled on the Circus Maximus in Rome and other circus buildings throughout the empire. There is no consensus about the circus’ dating, as it was built and used for several years before its official dedication. It seems to have been built sometime around 20 BC and inaugurated some 30 years later. As is true with the Circus Maximus , most circuses’s structures have been destroyed over time as the area occupied by them was great and often in very flat land near their respective cities.

A museum dedicated to the circus now sits near the middle edge of the circus grounds and allows admittance into the fenced area around the circus remains.

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